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   Awaken your full potential and make your desires a reality.

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Isn't it time to move beyond the rat race and all of the suffering that happens from living in a society that is not people friendly at all?  We face a lot of obtacles and a lot of struggles that come from the outer world and within.


Our Ho'oponpono based Spiritual Life Coaching sessions will show you how to move beyond the dualistic world that involves pain and suffering to the world of freedom and the world of bliss.     We can show you how to  maintain your health, and fight against fear, lack of self esteem, and the internalization racism or many of the other isms that cause you to suffer and feel depressed from being on the receiving end, or that causes you to be a perpetrator.


Is racism getting you down.  Are you suffering from the pain of the many slights and abuses you receive from Micro Aggressions day after day on the job, at restaurants, and on the street.  You don't have to anymore.  We specialize in overcoming the affects of oppression and everyday racist attacks against your person. 



 For more than twenty years Om Prakash has been exploring spirituality and Health and Wellness practices.  Our 30 Minute sessions over Skype or Zoom along with other practices can bring you relief you will be able to feel soon after the first session.  


Contact us at: or 267-625-0914 to learn more about our Life Coaching Sessions


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 The time is now?


Going Deeper, through the Sat Yoga Tradition, Ho'oponopono, and Spiritual Life Coaching can lead you to a life of empowerment.


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 We offer

  • Videos
  • One-on-One Tai Chi for Busy People Sessions  
  • Classes in Meditation and Energy Work one-on-one or in  a group.






                Done Through Skype or other Social Media.






 Using  different brain modalitites, Dr. Om Prakash (John Gilmore) works with his clients on reclaiming their personal power. With his wholistic spiritual counseling tools, he facilitated my journeyto mycenter and original self. Dr. Gilmore gave me personal strategies for my exploration including Spiritual Atmanology Life Coaching, four minute Chi-Kung exercises, and Reiki energy work.


Dr. Gilmore is an author of many books, a Reiki Master Teacher, a liscensed Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, a certified  Reflexologist, and also studied Under Dr. Robert Shubow (Shunyamurti) of the Sat Yoga Institute. Dr. Gilmore and his Life Coaching techniques helped me attain personal freedom, spirituality, and served as a paradigm for leading a life of greater authenticity.

Sandy Wolf-Schurr
Dr. John Gilmore has helped me tremendously through his energy healing, massage, dream interpretation and life coaching. He is insightful and right on the mark. Dr. Gilmore is the whole package. I would highly recommend him for renewal and feeling amazing in every way.   
Irene Angel 









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 We are in sympathy with the teachings offered at Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica.  Please visit their website for more information, videos, discussions, and podcasts and the great work of Personal Growth from Please visite their website at