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   The Life You Desire Is At Your Fingertips, But How Do You Get There?


 It is all about daring to think out of the box.


 Check out our pages, join up for our free newsletter, visit our Youtube Channel, use all of the links here and they will bring you to a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you and create the thing that most of us want and desire, but some people have given up on -- They can give you freedom. 


There's information everywhere about spirituality.  There are many posts that seem to be using the same phrases over again like "raising your vibrational level, or attracting whatever you visualize, maybe even not experiencing sadness, pain or fear."  All of the modern day Preacher Gurus who are making millions from books and overly expensive workshops are saying the same thing. 


It all sounds good, but it's not real because it mixes truths with superstition.  It is the same thing we have been hearing for the last 40 or 50 years except people are not saying it in religious terms they are saying it in new agey terms, or using Yogic and Eastern terms to promote the same message which is:


 Bad things are happening to you because you either have lack of wisdom or you have done something wrong. When we look in our hearts we know that this is not always the truth and most of the time it isn't.


 We attach Spiritual Direction to our body work to help you look at the truth; learn how to live a joyful life in this crazy world; and learn how to transcend it not be accepting little slogans that tickle the ears, but by learning to live as an eternal being having a life experience.  Living in the doorway of the winds of adversity without flinching as a Warrior of Love and Compassion.


That is our goal.   Through the power of the heart, mind, and imagination, you can overcome all obsticles, and be whole. When you sign up for our half hour body work session, make the other half of the our a spiritual direction session and you will grow like a tree planted near rivers of living water that brings forth fruit in its season.   


Contact us at: omprakashgilmore@gmail.com or Tex 267-625-0914 to learn more about our Life Coaching Sessions and Body-work.  



Put Your Toe In and Take a Look, or Just Jump in.  The Water is Fine.  


Going Deeper, through the Sat Yoga Tradition, Ho'oponopono, and Spiritual Life Coaching can lead you to a life of empowerment.


John Gilmore's Next Step Coaching and Healing Hand Modalities Description Page  


 We offer

  • Videos
  • One-on-One Tai Chi for Busy People Sessions  
  • Classes in Meditation and Energy Work one-on-one or in  a group.


                Done Through Skype or other Social Media.





 Using  different brain modalitites, Dr. Om Prakash (John Gilmore) works with his clients on reclaiming their personal power. With his wholistic spiritual counseling tools, he facilitated my journeyto mycenter and original self. Dr. Gilmore gave me personal strategies for my exploration including Spiritual Atmanology Life Coaching, four minute Chi-Kung exercises, and Reiki energy work.


Dr. Gilmore is an author of many books, a Reiki Master Teacher, a liscensed Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, a certified  Reflexologist, and also studied Under Dr. Robert Shubow (Shunyamurti) of the Sat Yoga Institute. Dr. Gilmore and his Life Coaching techniques helped me attain personal freedom, spirituality, and served as a paradigm for leading a life of greater authenticity.

Sandy Wolf-Schurr
Dr. John Gilmore has helped me tremendously through his energy healing, massage, dream interpretation and life coaching. He is insightful and right on the mark. Dr. Gilmore is the whole package. I would highly recommend him for renewal and feeling amazing in every way.   
Irene Angel 
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